New blog location

I just finished moving my blog from Blogger to my own hosted site (  I wasn’t going to get my own site but my wife wanted to make some pictures and other information available to others and to have our own site to show off our Halloween display so I decided to go ahead. For better or… Continue reading New blog location

My Pig Ripley Part III

Well its a miracle. Everything seems to be OK now. All of the problems have just disappeared. One day she’s in pain and discomfort the next she’s running around and playing like a young pig. No more shots!! She’s gained back everything that she had lost and is as far was we can tell completely… Continue reading My Pig Ripley Part III

My Pig Ripley Part II

The last month has been stressful for Ripley and us. She started to have problems going potty so we took her in again and they decided that she needed to have a hysterectomy because of the cancer. So they did and when they had her open they discovered that all of the growths that had… Continue reading My Pig Ripley Part II

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