Mar 13

My Pig Ripley Part III

Well its a mir­a­cle. Everything seems to be OK now. All of the prob­lems have just dis­ap­peared. One day she’s in pain and dis­com­fort the next she’s run­ning around and play­ing like a young pig. No more shots!! She’s gained back every­thing that she had lost and is as far was we can tell com­plete­ly fine. No lumps, no can­cer, no infec­tions, no cysts, nothing.

What a relief but I real­ly wish that it had hap­pened soon­er and that I did­n’t need to put her through all of the pain. Sometimes hav­ing pets sucks but then you see them play­ing and you think that maybe it was worth it.

Jan 13

My Pig Ripley Part II

The last month has been stress­ful for Ripley and us. She start­ed to have prob­lems going pot­ty so we took her in again and they decid­ed that she need­ed to have a hys­terec­to­my because of the can­cer. So they did and when they had her open they dis­cov­ered that all of the growths that had been there before were gone. The only thing left was a sin­gle lump which had moved. According to the vet can­cer does­n’t move. So he bioposied the lump (and her blad­der which I’m not hap­py about) and fin­ished the operation.

So the tests are back and she does­n’t have can­cer. Yay! But now we don’t know what has been the prob­lem for the last few months which means we were treat­ing the wrong things! I’ve been giv­ing her shots three times a week and I prob­a­bly did­n’t need to. Now because of the pot­ty thing we need to give her sub­cu­ta­neous flu­ids. More shots! Argh! I feel so bad for her because she does­n’t under­stand. All she knows is that it hurts. When we go to give her the shots she gives us this look like “why dad?’ It’s break­ing my heart.

It would be so much eas­i­er if she act­ed sick. Except for the dis­com­fort at the time she goes pot­ty she is hap­py, perky, and loves to run around. And then I have to pick her up and give her a shot. She no longer likes me because of this which is also painful. I just want her to be hap­py. She’s so sweet and innocent.

Dec 19

My Pig Ripley

RipleyThis is my guinea pig Ripley. Unfortunately she is dying. She has can­cer. The last few months have been hard on my wife and I as well as Ripley. She is hap­py and acts nor­mal­ly about 95% of the time which makes us hap­py but the oth­er 5% is unpleas­ant. The can­cer metas­ta­sized from her ovaries though out her body and has begun to affect her uri­nary tract and intestines. Every time she has to pee or poo it caus­es her dis­com­fort. Sometimes it seems very painful. To top it off we have to give her antibi­ot­ic shots three times a week to hold off infec­tions brought on by the caner invad­ing her system.

So what do we do? Do we look at it as she’s most­ly hap­py and do the best we can to make her remain­ing time as enjoy­able as pos­si­ble or do we say that she should­n’t suf­fer and that she should be put to sleep?

When is the dis­com­fort too much? Deciding the fate of a poor inno­cent and unaware ani­mal seems wrong but if we don’t who will? The thought of her dying in agony is unac­cept­able yet I don’t want to short­en the bright points. I real­ly don’t want to make this deci­sion and yet I don’t know of any­one I would trust to pass this respon­si­bil­i­ty on to.