New Job

I guess that I’m now start­ing up this blog again I should state that I have a new job since the last time.

Because of the volatil­i­ty of the tech indus­try my pri­or com­pa­ny, RockYou let go about half of their staff and being one of the last ones hired I end­ed up being one of the ones laid off. I end­ed up with my new com­pa­ny VMware short­ly after. I’ve been here for a lit­tle over three years work­ing in the Cloud Automation Engineering group.

The spe­cif­ic group that I work for works on a prod­uct that basi­cal­ly installs appli­ca­tions into a cloud. Seems sim­ple but when you con­sid­er that most cloud appli­ca­tions are run­ning mul­ti­ple parts in mul­ti­ple vir­tu­al machines and that each one needs to be con­nect­ed to the oth­ers, instal­la­tion quick­ly gets com­pli­cat­ed. It may require installing one part up to a cer­tain point to get its con­nec­tion infor­ma­tion, paus­ing it, installing anoth­er part giv­ing it the con­nec­tion infor­ma­tion of the fist part, and then resum­ing the first part again with more infor­ma­tion. Multiply that sce­nario by 10 dif­fer­ent parts and things get tricky fast. But if it were easy then I would­n’t have a job. 😉

The prod­uct is vCloud Automation Center or vCAC.

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