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I guess that I’m now starting up this blog again I should state that I have a new job since the last time.

Because of the volatility of the tech industry my prior company, RockYou let go about half of their staff and being one of the last ones hired I ended up being one of the ones laid off. I ended up with my new company VMware shortly after. I’ve been here for a little over three years working in the Cloud Automation Engineering group.

The specific group that I work for works on a product that basically installs applications into a cloud. Seems simple but when you consider that most cloud applications are running multiple parts in multiple virtual machines and that each one needs to be connected to the others, installation quickly gets complicated. It may require installing one part up to a certain point to get its connection information, pausing it, installing another part giving it the connection information of the fist part, and then resuming the first part again with more information. Multiply that scenario by 10 different parts and things get tricky fast. But if it were easy then I wouldn’t have a job. 😉

The product is vCloud Automation Center or vCAC.

By Reflector

I am a Senior Engineer for VMware, a company that produces cloud and virtual machine software. When not working I enjoy board games and woodworking (producing furniture and other items for our house).

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