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The author James Keesey

I am a Senior Engineer for Google, a com­pa­ny that does web search as well as oth­er things. I am work­ing on the Google Cloud prod­uct. When not work­ing I enjoy wood­work­ing (pro­duc­ing fur­ni­ture and oth­er items for our house). Sadly my wife and I no longer have any guinea pigs. Our last two Ripley (mine) and Marley) (hers)) have died.

I have pro­grammed and devel­oped for way longer than I’d like to admit (any­one remem­ber when ucb­vax was the cen­ter of the universe?)

I do not speak for Google in any way. All ram­blings and com­ments are my own and noth­ing in this blog should be con­strued as an offi­cial state­ment of Google.

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