My Pig Ripley

RipleyThis is my guinea pig Ripley. Unfortunately she is dying. She has can­cer. The last few months have been hard on my wife and I as well as Ripley. She is hap­py and acts nor­mal­ly about 95% of the time which makes us hap­py but the oth­er 5% is unpleas­ant. The can­cer metas­ta­sized from her ovaries though out her body and has begun to affect her uri­nary tract and intestines. Every time she has to pee or poo it caus­es her dis­com­fort. Sometimes it seems very painful. To top it off we have to give her antibi­ot­ic shots three times a week to hold off infec­tions brought on by the caner invad­ing her system.

So what do we do? Do we look at it as she’s most­ly hap­py and do the best we can to make her remain­ing time as enjoy­able as pos­si­ble or do we say that she should­n’t suf­fer and that she should be put to sleep?

When is the dis­com­fort too much? Deciding the fate of a poor inno­cent and unaware ani­mal seems wrong but if we don’t who will? The thought of her dying in agony is unac­cept­able yet I don’t want to short­en the bright points. I real­ly don’t want to make this deci­sion and yet I don’t know of any­one I would trust to pass this respon­si­bil­i­ty on to.

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