Back Again

A while back my blog died. I had no idea what went wrong and I had no wish to spend what would most likely be days of time figuring it out. Instead, I just let it languish. Over the years I tried half-heartedly to fix it but to no avail.

Things in my life have changed and I thought that I would at least try to extract the old posts and maybe move to another system. So I started the long process of getting into the database that holds the blog and after resetting several passwords and installing a new SSL certificate managed to get into the database. I found the right table and managed to extract the post data into an XML file. Now that I had the old posts I could start to create a new blog.

However, while I was there I figured I would try one more time to fix the existing one. I started by trying to update WordPress but that failed because of a password problem. I figured out how to get past that one and was able to upgrade to version 3.9 and then suddenly everything started working again. I still have no idea what went wrong or what upgrading did to fix it but at least I don’t have to start over.

Everything appears to be back the way it was and I was even able to activate some of the newer features that WordPress has added. The look-and-feel of the pages may change over the next couple of weeks as I adjust those new features and even play with a new theme (the one I’m using was called Classic several years ago).

At this point I do not really no where I’m going to go with this blog and I may give it up again–we’ll just have to see.

By Reflector

I am a Senior Engineer for VMware, a company that produces cloud and virtual machine software. When not working I enjoy board games and woodworking (producing furniture and other items for our house).

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