Time Waits for no One

Joda Time is a library that improves the functionality and usability of dates and times in the Java environment. The built-in Java classes are hard to use, missing common functionality, and do the wrong thing in many cases. Thus was born Joda Time. It has been so successful that it was made the basis of JSR-310,… Continue reading Time Waits for no One

The Story Begins

In which our intrepid (or is that tepid?) Hero finds himself on the shores of the Sharp Sea looking through the Windows to the Presentation of the Foundation of all things. Last time I mentioned that I was working on a project to simplify configuring our main product and that I decided to make it a… Continue reading The Story Begins

Something a Little Different

For the past few years I’ve been using Java for the majority of my professional and private development. Using it professionally was simply because that is what my company wanted. Privately was because I was using it professionally and so the environment was there and starting up a new project was easy. Java is a… Continue reading Something a Little Different

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